The Yankees’ productivity versus lefties was previously cited.

Dustin Fowler (L), 4 percent, Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox (RHP Lucas Giolito): After facing a weeklong string of southpaw starters, the White Sox will send a pair of righties to the Guaranteed Rate Park hill. It’s not assured, but after sitting all week, Fowler is a good bet to start both games. James Shields gets the ball for the home team in the second game, so even if Fowler starts only one, he’s a dual power-speed threat, facing a couple of homer-prone arms and batteries not adept at controlling the running game.

After his rough run, Gardner the longest-tenured Yankee who was part of the 2009 World Series-winning club and is looked at as one of the clubhouse’s main leaders was hearing boos occasionally at home and fans were calling for highly regarded left fielder Clint Frazier, 23, to take his job.

Frazier has hit .325 with five homers, nine RBI and a.975 OPS in 29 games at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

It’s starting to look like he actually believes this stuff.

From the interview with Soban Deb:

Mr. Irving, a West Orange, N.J., native, is among the most popular basketball players in the world, and he has one of the best-selling basketball jerseys in the N.B.A. With that popularity has come controversy: He has questioned several times whether the Earth is round, and in an interview on Friday with his most in-depth comments to date on the subject, he said that it was still worth debating.

Can you openly admit that you know the Earth is constitutionally round? he said to me. Like, you know that for sure? Like, I don’t know.

Well, yes, yes I can. Thanks to guys like Magellan, plus hundreds of years of science. But I digress.

Then, later in the interview, when Deb asked him directly – does he think the Earth is flat?

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