A Tom Brady-Antonio Brown pairing ranks up there with the results of the Packers-Raiders non-trade.

There’s no wrong answer to this question. These are six current or future Hall of Famers at play. And yes, technically Favre and Moss did play with each other — for four games in 2010 with the Vikings.

Favre was a three-time NFL MVP and easily a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He also is the all-time leader in interceptions thrown, and frankly, probably always will be. His 336 career interceptions are 59 more than any other player, and over 100 more than the closest active players (Eli Manning and Drew Brees are tied with 228).

The point being Favre loves to lob balls into traffic, and Moss is the best ever at coming down with those kind of throws. At their primes, there’s no receiver in NFL history who would’ve complemented Favre better, and there’s no quarterback better for Moss. We’re talking a macaroni and cheese level pairing. Sign me all the way up. — Adam Stites

Under any scenario, [the Genius Series] will be a huge, rich benefit for the development of the guys, Pelinka said. Whether it is getting them ready for when the other star geniuses come [to the Lakers] or becoming that themselves.

After spending two decades around Kobe Bryant as his agent and friend, Pelinka saw how obsessed the Lakers legend was with improving and constantly searching for new ways to find any advantage he could get over his opponent. It was Bryant’s curiosity that in part inspired Pelinka to create the Genius Series.

I remember one time [Bryant] called me and was like, ‘Have you ever seen the way a cheetah attacks its prey? Like when it is hunting down a wildebeest?’ Pelinka said. He said, ‘I have really been thinking of ways to creatively change some of my movements and noticed that there was this incredible beauty in how a cheetah uses its tail to balance itself when it jumps in the air.’ And he said, ‘I have been moving my foot in different ways, almost like the tail of a cheetah, to learn how to have proper balance when I am shooting my fadeaway jumper.’

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