Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett says he played last season at 75-80 percent

Despite being named a second-team All-Pro for the second straight season as a kick return, it was clear that Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett didn’t have the same ability to move last year following his broken leg at the end of the 2016 season.

Lockett estimates he was only between 75-80 percent last season as he played without his full range of movement or explosion.

I fell short of 100 last year, but I missed a game, also, Lee said. Trying to have over 110 [this upcoming season]. But I need some interceptions. So that’s gonna be a huge emphasis.

Adams will also be looking for his first interception. Told that it eats at Adams, Lee said, It eats at me every morning I wake up.

Why is that?

Cause I should have ’em, he said. I’m just expected to. I got [three] in college. … Not just getting ’em, I expect to score.

Now six months removed from ACL surgery, quarterback Carson Wentz is running and throwing without hesitation. In practices this week, he looked mobile in the pocket, and his mechanics looked much the same, which he says is because he threw from a seated position early in rehab when he was still unable to move. Aside from a brace he wore on his left knee, his injury was invisible.

I just focus on my growth and growing as a linebacker, Lee said. It’s really helped me zone in on my craft. It comes with maturity, to be honest with you. Just growing up and focusing on your job and the task at hand. I can’t control what everybody says, I can control what I display on the field.

He still has to show he can stay healthy for the Texans to commit to him long term. Last season was the first that Clowney played all 16 games, but he spent the offseason program rehabbing a knee injury after arthroscopic surgery in January.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien said he expected Clowney to be on the field at the start of training camp July 26. That gives the Texans only a six-week window to get an extension completed, and the sides have had no substantive negotiations, per McClain.

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